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Posted by toshie_chan on 2008.10.25 at 20:00
Hello , I bought a tarot deck "Tarot of The Elves" very easy to get into the hang of tarot, and I did my first little reading, and the cards were really close to things in my life :D

Any tips for a newb tarot card reader :D


Arwen's Gone Again

Posted by stephanielynch on 2008.08.16 at 08:59
Where's Arwen today? Read more...Collapse )


Come Visit With Me

Posted by stephanielynch on 2008.08.09 at 09:11
Come see whose blog I visited today!

It's a charming mix of personal essays and teachings. One thing I adore about the blog is that I never know what I'm going to find. Posting is fairly sporadic but always entertaining.

I am Z

Intresting tarot read

Posted by dirtylitlemindz on 2008.08.03 at 05:12

Past: The Lovers:

Not surprisingly, the lovers suggests love romance and an emotional, spiritual and physical union. Any relationship connected to this card will be a powerful and meaningful one. The old idea of soul mate is suggested here.

    You may feel as if you have know one another always, able to read each other’s mind, and be completely in tune on every level. Many occultists would say you have been together before, loving through different life times in many different cultures. You are quite simply meant for one another.

    Sometimes this card can mean an inner marriage. in this case, you have resolved many conflicts within yourself, and are happy with your body. Male and female characteristics are well balanced at this time; your energy finds positive expression. Sexually you are just as happy to initiate as to receive, and are full of affection.

let see it allCollapse )

    The other important meaning of the lovers is choice. If it appears when you are making up your mind, it’s telling you to think very carefully. Choices indicated by this card are not black and white, nor easily resolved in a logical way. Sometime they are presented with 2 paths: you can continue what you are currently doing or; take a risk and try something new.

    You must use intuition, and ask yourself a few questions. The lover’s counsels you to go where ever your heart leads you. Does your home, job, relationship reflect you - or do you sometimes wonder what you are doing in these areas of your life? Have you sacrificed your ideals completely. Look closely at your life and think quietly about your question. If you feel you have sold out in order to gain security, please someone else or because you are lazy, the lovers card gives you the chance to get back on the right path.


(How I miss thee….)

Present: Queen of Pentacles: Reversed

Keywords: greed and ambition

The queen or hearts reversed is extremely selfish and hard-hearted. She can be greedy about food money, or material possessions, spending lavishly on herself with little thought of others. She may be a gold-digger who marries for money.

                In business she presents an over ambitious woman with a good head for money and future planning. However work leaves little time for her to enjoy love and friendship because she values a healthy bank balance more highly. She only cultivates people if they are useful of her, or can help her achieve her ambitions.

(Time to get off this path…)

Future: Four of Swords: Reversed

Earlier warnings have been ignored. Instead of choosing to withdraw, withdrawal is being forced upon you.

                In health terms, a more serious stay in the hospital is suggested here. Nervous exhaustion over a prolonged period of time has caused some physical problems and mental Instability.

                Socially and personally you may find yourself rather lonely. Friendships and relationship fail to bring pleasure; people who you were once close to you seem to have changed. Your privet life could seem dull and limited; it’s only a phase though it won’t last forever.

(ok so after this I was like holyshit a positive change in life gone bad! So I asked another question)

What should I do to avoid this great loss. What is the warning and how do I stop it and understand the warning:

The World: Myths and Symbols

You have reached the end of a cycle in your life, there is a sence of completion and accomplishment. This influence may appear on many levels. You may have finished an important project at work; a creative endeavor of your own, or a long term course of education. You may have successfully integrated some previously dormant aspect of your personality and become a full-rounded person

The world signifies success and fulfillment whatever your question may have been. So  although a cycle is ending, and a door is closing, it is time for celebration. Perhaps you are starting a family, or leaving behind the old single life.

If your question referred to career, you will be delighted with the outcome. A new job or promotion will be everything you hoped for, and you will not want to go back to how things were before. Sometimes this card can even foretell fame, public acclaim and attention – especially in the arts. Enjoy your achievements, and the temporary pinnacle they are. The world is the last card in the trump and as it turns the fool reappears. And begins a fresh cycle.

In terms of relationship, you may look forward to balance and happiness, perhaps a difficult or testing time is now over, and you can both  enjoy the insights this has brought you. You are now free to bring out the best in each other, and enjoy the differences between you.

The world may also manifest as a journey, new home or place of work. You are literally being given a chance to see more of the world we live in. journeys signified by this card will inspire you to expand your knowledge and bring insight and happiness. When the world refers to a new home, or changes of environment it denotes a change for better. Your old home or job has serves its purpose well and you are now able to move on.




Whispering Tarot by Elizabeth Hazel

Posted by stephanielynch on 2008.07.19 at 12:36
I just got notification of the Summer 2008 American Tarot Association's Quarterly Journal. No one was happier than I when Liz Hazel agreed to take this project off my hands. While I enjoyed gathering the articles, Liz has transformed this members-only publication into a classy, quality production. You could tell with her first offering that she was aiming for a magazine style that would give experienced and beginning readers in-depth information.

When I opened up my QJ, I saw an announcement that read:

The Whispering Tarot by Elizabeth Hazel was released in late June 2008. This is a signed, limited edition of 500 decks. Copies are available at www.kozmic-kitchen.com. A review of the deck will be in the QJ Fall 2008 issue.

To see what I thought of this deck, check out my most recent blog.


Tarot Talk Podcast

Posted by stephanielynch on 2008.07.16 at 23:11
I had so much fun on this chat! They asked me to come back. Let's Talk Tarot Readings. Then we did a bit in the chat room where I did a bit of channeling (unintentional) that was spot on. Very intriguing!

It's a full hour just so you know. :) And I'd love to know what you think.


Darn Those Fives Anyway!

Posted by stephanielynch on 2008.07.02 at 18:42
Fives! Why do I keep pulling fives? Not just of one suit either? See there is a blog I enjoy that does a "Pick A Card For The Week". Tarot Table Talk by Susan Gold posts 6 cards each week and asks you the reader to pick one based on the look of the card. For the past two weeks I've picked Fives.

Come chat about fives with me on my blog if you like. Tarot By Arwen

Tarot, Sun

May 2008 Tarotscopes Are Up

Posted by stephanielynch on 2008.05.01 at 22:44
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I just uploaded the May 2008 Tarotscopes, y'all. Totally free! You need to be able to listen to MP3 files on your computer.



Posted by randysugardandy on 2008.03.21 at 18:44
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um hi *waves hides* im new here and am way too into all the tarot and paranormal stuff lol.

umm question: i was thrilled when my mother bought some tarot  cards and even let me use them!  but then she threw away the tower, death and another bad sign card.

i feel like she completely ruined any meaning in the readings n stuff

has she?


Free Tarot Network

Posted by stephanielynch on 2008.02.04 at 10:28
I had the price totally wrong! It's $10 to read on the networks and $20 to read! The ATA Treasurer corrected me. My apologies! If I owe you an email, I will try to get to that tonight!

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